Care Instructions

Machine Wash

  • To keep your colours brighter for longer, separate.
  • A lingerie washing bag is a good investment for your precious dedicates. If you don’t have a washing bag, a pillow case will work just as well. Remember to attach the hooks of your bras. This avoids snagging on delicate fabrics such as lace.
  • Washing powder or liquid? Choose products that are specifically made for delicates.
  • We do not recommend the use of Fabric Softener. Ir remains in the fibres and reduce their elasticity.
  • Of course a delicate cycle

Hand Wash

  • A few minutes in cold water then remove, to avoid the fibres becoming damaged or softened.
  • Donโ€™t twist your lingerie, instead press it gently so that it keeps itโ€™s elasticity.
  • Use a delicate soap and wash gently without scrubbing.
  • Choose to air-dry your lingerie, always drying it flat.
  • If you wash moulded cups, donโ€™t fold, as this will damage their shape.